SCAA Staff

This membership is for those who wish to donate $500 to SCAA. Funding will be used to not only to enhance and strengthen our membership resources, but effectively engage Artists, Art Educators, students in a shared community of art.

You can join online now with this purchased Membership to support SCAA today!

IMPORTANT  Details when registering for the first time: When you Join, you will be taken to our payment processing on Paypal. Use the yellow button on the RIGHT if you have a Paypal account and wish to use it. Use the button on the LEFT if you would prefer to use a debit/credit card OR if you would like to CREATE or use a personal Paypal account. If you choose the button on the LEFT to use a debit/credit card, please disregard the “create an account” at the bottom of the Paypal form.

You will be sent an automatic e-mail to remind you to renew your for another year. Or you can register through the Paypal portal (with either a credit card or your Paypal account for a one-time payment), or mail a Member form and payment to SCAA.