Community Outreach and
Placemaking Events

Art is a wonderful way to help build and strengthen our communities. It helps to engage, inspire, and encourage us to reach out and connect with each other, express our creative voice and create shared experiences while working together toward meaningful outcomes.

It’s no coincidence the South Cobb Arts Alliance’s mission begins with to build our community and ends with to engage the community in the recognition and support of the area’s cultural arts and historic preservation.

Keep current with our updated events calendar for activities. Our venues or activities are expanding with our commitment to our communities. SCAA will continue to bring hallmark art and special activities to create new reasons for you to engage and support SCAA art events.

We salute our communities with events designed to welcome and promote engagement. We salute SCAA volunteers who support and work to reconnect artists, art educators, families, businesses, and other members of the community in the focus on the arts.

In the end, events do not alone define our communities because the communities and volunteers make us stronger and special beyond the world of art. As an all volunteer supported organization, SCAA’s volunteers accomplish the events …because our volunteers are the heart of the organization who inspire the communities.


Since 1972, South Cobb Arts Alliance has presented our community with hallmark events celebrating the Arts, opening doors to engage the community in recognition and support of Arts.

For those of you who have been familiar with us (for almost 50 years), you know that the best way to get the most detailed and up to date SCAA information is by visiting our website or to LIKE us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to know what is happening in the SCAA Community. We have been busily working behind the scenes to develop ways for more outreach activities and opportunities for you, our artists, our art educators and students, and the community as a whole.

In 2016, SCAA was awarded a National Endowment of the Arts grant, and the organization returned to its roots, i.e., community outreach, engagement with local school art programs, conducting artist exhibits and juried arts events, having students perform at events, and contributing in a variety of ways to art educators and community programs.

Through SCAA’s upcoming plans, we hope to not only entertain and inform, but also to connect you with our artistic journey regarding current SCAA workshops, art classes and favorite events. Additionally, SCAA continues local and national exhibits, its annual Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show, community projects, and public art with Live Performances.

Arts are the heart of the South Cobb Arts Alliance. Help empower our Community Outreach vision by moving forward to listen, create, and inspire by engaging every person, one event at a time.