ActiveArtist Call: 37th annual Christmas House Crafts & Arts Show + Market Application

SCAA Staff


Dear Vendor Artists:

Over the years, SCAA has been gratified by the entries received by a distinguished group of vendors and artists for our hallmark Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show Market event designed to showcase original, handmade fine arts and crafts.  The South Cobb Arts Alliance is pleased to announce its SCAA Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show + Market to open to the public from December 1-5, 2022, at the Ford Center, Powder Springs, GA.  We hope you will consider being one of our artists as this event is an SCAA fundraiser.

Applications for this juried show are now open with opportunities to apply for Early Bird entry fees beginning now.  If you are subscribed as an SCAA Member, you will receive an entry discount.  For the SCAA member entry discount, all memberships must be current and valid through the end of this December event. If your membership expires before the end of this event, your membership fee will be deducted from your sales. 

SCAA Memberships are available online or through the mail beginning at $20 annually for an individual; at the level of Artist with a Directory membership at $40 annually.  SCAA Spotlight features our artists on social media too.  Membership payment can be included with the entry fee if mailed with member details.  Memberships are not refundable.  A pdf of the membership application is available at the following URL or at the “Join SCAA” tab of the website. For the membership discount, please subscribe as a member before processing your paperwork.

Once your Christmas House applications are processed, you will be notified of any changes regarding the event.  If accepted through the juried process, you will receive a separate notification about the event details and a link to the volunteer timetable.  If you are not juried into this show, you will also be notified.  As information and event details are subject to change, updates will be made online at the SCAA website or on its social media.

Note- All communications, applications, and/or payments should be directed to SCAA volunteers at either or by calling 864-571-0597.  Do not hand deliver any applications or payments to city personnel at the City of Powder Springs venue location, as the Ford Center is not an SCAA-owned facility. Applications should not be mailed, nor hand-delivered to the SCAA Brownsville Road workspace location.  As SCAA is an all-volunteer-supported organization, one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.  Please read and reference the entire application before registering.  Your application confirms acceptance of all the terms and conditions for the event.

Thank you.

South Cobb Arts Alliance,  Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show + Market Committee



Fees and Deadlines:

SCAA Membership allows vendors & artists to enter at a discounted entry fee. Valid SCAA discount is dependent upon membership which must be confirmed and listed as valid/active through the end of the event in December.  Juried acceptance may be delayed until membership and payment(s) are confirmed.  Event entry fees will be returned to vendor artists who are not accepted into the Christmas House event; however, there will be no refunds for cancellations, although exceptions for emergencies may be considered individually.

Early Bird Application deadline: August 31, 2022, 5 pm EST. 

Early Bird registration fee: $85 for SCAA members. $115 for non-SCAA members.

 General Registration deadlines: October 31, 2022, 5 pm EST.

General Registration deadline fee: $100 for SCAA members; $135 for non-SCAA members. 

 How to Register:


Required Artwork Photos: All vendor artists will need to select up to 3 categories and have a photograph of their work for each category.  Options include 3 or more clear and close-up photos of your artwork.  In addition, one photo of the Artist working in the studio is required. Photographs submitted are representative samples of each type of work and will be judged as such. Some photos submitted online may need to be resized if sent directly from some cameras or phones which will cause a delay or no upload of the photo(s). If the application is for returning vendor artists: updated clear and close-up photos of entries and artwork for this year should be uploaded.

Any items not listed in the application categories and not shown in the photographs will not be accepted at delivery, as the judging and acceptance of the product are based upon the categories and the sample product photographs presented with the registration materials. The juried process is based upon the quality of original, handmade fine arts and crafts as well as exhibiting a wide range of arts and crafts for our customers.

Items manufactured or mass-produced, are not considered for this event.

 How to apply

Online is the preferred registration option.  Click the registration button below to gain access to the application process.

By Mail:  Print out a pdf of this application and include details, photographs, and payment with contact information to SCAA, PO Box 1037, Austell, Ga 30168.  (An SCAA received date mailing will be used to determine the early-bird entry deadline, not a USPS post-marked date.)  If applicable, include the membership form and your selected member-level payment.

Upload photo images of items representing your handmade work, sampling of your artistry, and items proposed to be juried.  Images should be high-resolution jpeg images of at least 300dpi.  A slow upload may indicate an image is too large to upload; downsize the image then try again.  Label images as to artist name, name of the product, and/or item description and pricing.  SCAA prefers clear photos which are representative of your work to use in social media and marketing postings for the event as well as for your artistry.

Payment options online include acceptance of any credit card or a personal PayPal account.  When registering, you will be taken to the payment processing portal on PayPal.  3 payment options: (a) Use the yellow button on the RIGHT if you have a PayPal account and wish to use it.  (b) Use the button on the LEFT if you would prefer to use your debit/credit card, OR (c) if you would like to CREATE or use a personal PayPal account.  If you choose the button on the LEFT to use a debit/credit card, please disregard the “create an account” at the bottom of the PayPal form and continue with payment processing.

 If you should have any problems registering online or uploading your images, please send an email to Becky Edwards at You will receive an application through email instead and return the application back via email.   Your payment can still be made via the DONATE button on our website.  Your application will not be considered until payment is received.

Other Costs:  A 10% SCAA charge will be made on gross sales at the end of the event.  SCAA processes all the retail transactions; covers credit card merchant fees; collects applicable sales tax and submits taxes to the State.  A check minus the charge(s) will be mailed to the vendor artist within 30 days after the close of the event

Vendor Artist Event Duties Vendors will set up their own tables however, the event is essentially a “drop-off show” where the vendors are required to work only six (6) hours at some point during the setup, take down, or event days; there is no staffing of one table.  You are not required to be there any other time until the breakdown of your items. Unlike shows where booths are lined up along the walls and vendor artists must be present the entire show, the SCAA Christmas House event provides a beautifully decorated venue with items arranged in a setting more like a department store.  Space is allotted according to the size of the items being displayed.

Vendor artists, when accepted into the show, will be required to select a shift to work (or have someone volunteer to work for them) a minimum of five hours during the show’s set up, event dates, or takedown or forfeit 20% of their sales.  SCAA will make every effort to accommodate your schedule, but shifts will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.  If no times are indicated, you will be assigned a shift.  If you are unable to work and do not have someone to work in your place, the South Cobb Arts Alliance will assess a 20% commission of your total sales. 

Notification as juried notification of Entry into the Event:

As Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show + Market artwork is juried, notification of acceptance (by e-mail or postal service) will contain vendor artist number for pricing of tags, instructions on how to tag your items, finalized hours, delivery and pick-up dates/times, directions to the event location.  A maximum of 65 Artists will be selected with limits in each category.  Also included with the acceptance email, you will be informed as to the scheduling of volunteering and other pertinent details.  SCAA volunteers will select entries and contact you as soon as the juried selections begin.

Other Information:  Vendors &  artists are asked to consider donating a piece of their artwork at a minimum value of $20 to be included in the SCAA Silent Auction or Basket Raffle which benefits the organization’s projects.

A few changes are being made since our 2021 show. Please read these carefully and realize that some things may change depending on space or table availability or any last-minute adjustments needed.

 First and foremost, you may have noticed our vendor hours requirement has been reduced to 6 hours rather than 8. We realize that a lot of you may not be able to do 8.  Also, since we are only doing 5 days rather than the 10 that we used to do, we feel this change is better for our vendors/members.

  • Our fees have been adjusted/increased to meet financial requirements to do this show.
  • We are not breaking down on the last night of the show. Vendors are not permitted to break down early. This has proven to be extremely stressful and physically exhausting to our staff. Instead, we are designating Tuesday, Dec 6th as our breakdown day. Hours of breakdown will be 8 AM until 7 PM. This entire venue must be emptied, cleaned, and locked up no later than 7 PM.  Please make arrangements for the allotted time you need to collect your wares during these hours. Anything left in the building becomes the property of SCAA.

If you have any questions, concerns, or conflicts, please contact Becky Edwards at 404-788-7905 or email at


Show Rules and Information

Christmas House is designed to showcase original, handmade fine crafts.  The Christmas House Committee will reject any items not deemed appropriate for the show including poor craftsmanship.  The committee reserves the right to refuse any items at check-in or re-stocking when those items do not meet the quality standards set for this juried show.

HANDMADE WORK ONLY.  NO buy/sell nor anything made from kits.  No bundles of purchased/not handmade items are to be included with handcrafted works, whether to be sold individually or as gift sets.

Handmade fine jewelry is acceptable in the following media: hand-cut stones, woven beads, metal, wire wrapped, clay, paper, fabric, and hand-painted wood.  Handmade novelty jewelry will have a separate display area and must meet the handmade requirements.

Fine Art original works may be available for exhibit during this event under the terms and conditions of the SCAA Exhibit Agreement; contact SCAA volunteers for more details.  However, any artist wanting to sell fine artwork replicated as a print, notecard, or other items, should apply as a Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show + Market vendor.

Due to space and time limitations, Artists will not be permitted to demonstrate their products nor personalize their products such as monograms or names on clothing, ornaments, or other items.

A vendor artist will be required to have proof of collegiate or professional licensing to produce and sell any items bearing collegiate or pro sports team logos.

Suggest vendor artists’ labels or to place small signs as a product listing of arts and crafts materials used in making the items (i.e., silver, copper, wool, nylon, cotton, etc.). Signage should be no larger than an index card.

At check-in, items will be compared to application photos, and tags will be checked.  You will then be directed to a display area for unpacking your items.  Please understand that your items may not be displayed in only one area and some items may be kept as back stock to refill shelves each night.  Vendor artists may bring more products as needed that may be added to displays or in back stock until space allows; suggested that vendor artists label all their vendor-owned containers with their names.  Display baskets/containers for small items such as pins, ornaments, etc. should also be labeled with your name and phone number attached to the bottom of each container.  SCAA does have some display items to use.

All items will be tagged with artist vendor number and pricing; final instructions will be sent upon approval of entry.  Changing prices is rarely permitted but if approved, new tags are required.  Marking through and writing new prices on tags is strictly prohibited.

If selected, the vendor artists, upon arrival, shall provide SCAA with an inventory list of the items submitted and confirm sales prices.  When juried into the event, the vendor artists will be sent the inventory forms.  This information is useful in case of misplaced or lost tags.

SCAA reserves the right to arrange and publicize the exhibition and to promote the artists. Photos of the works of art furnished in the application and/or requested from the Artist may be used for SCAA publicity and archival purposes.

While SCAA will make every effort to ensure that the artwork is safe and secure, the Artist is solely responsible for insuring against damages or theft although the Christmas House Committee will take precautions.

Neither the South Cobb Arts Alliance, City of Powder Springs, nor any organization affiliated with the event or location will be held responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items or other event issues.  Insurance is the sole responsibility of the applicant.



I agree, upon submittal of this SCAA application whether online or by mail to abide by all show rules and will not hold South Cobb Arts Alliance, Inc., the City of Powder Springs, or any other organization or person affiliated with the event responsible for any personal injury, or loss or damage to the works of art or craft.  SCAA and its volunteers, including vendors agree to handle the arts and crafts with proper care.  The vendor/artist is solely responsible for insuring the artwork, inventory, and related damages or theft.   By clicking SUBMIT, you agree to all aspects of the entire application.

** Subject to change without notification**


  • Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show + Market Artist Call
    July 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Venue Phone: 770-943-1666, ext. 342

Venue Website:

4181 Atlanta Street, Powder Springs, Georgia, 30127, United States

UpcomingArt at the Avenue West Cobb

SCAA Staff

The South Cobb Arts Alliance (SCAA) is pleased to announce a national juried invitation to artists for its 2022 Juried Exhibition featuring all types of genres, mediums, styles, and techniques in arts to be held at a unique 10, 499 sq ft exhibit space at The Avenue West Cobb, Marietta, Georgia and open to the public beginning August 27 until September 17, including Labor Day weekend. Opening Reception and Awards will be on Saturday, August 27 from 5 to 7 PM.

Location: The Avenue West Cobb is an open-air lifestyle shopping center in Marietta, located at 3625  Ste 380 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA 30064, and has an estimated annual foot traffic of 2.5-3 million. The venue is an ample open space with smaller rooms to accommodate a gift shop and interactive community events. Located 15 miles northwest of Atlanta, the location features an open-air, pedestrian-friendly setting with a unique mix of retailers and restaurants to encourage guests to stroll, relax and stay awhile.

This exhibit will celebrate our 50th year as an all-volunteer-supported nonprofit organization.  Over the years, SCAA has won grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and awards such as the Best of Cobb 2022 Nonprofit placement (

SCAA continues to bring art to public settings and more as detailed in a recent issue of Cobb in Focus magazine (A Golden Opportunity | Cobb In Focus).

Art makes our communities more robust, and as SCAA is celebrating 50 years of art inspiration, events will include collaborative presentations by the Georgia Ballet (The Georgia Ballet | Home of Classical Ballet), and the Georgia Symphony (The Orchestra – Georgia Symphony Orchestra | Timothy Verville, Music Director).


 On August 28th, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra will start us off with a Brass Quintet at 1 pm  (Conduct Us)  followed by a Woodwind Quintet at 2 pm (Conduct Us).  Then at 3 pm, enjoy the sounds of the Harp (Informance- Demonstrative Performance) and finish with Strings at 4 pm (Conduct Us).


Join us  Saturday, September 17th, at 11. AM. as the Georgia Ballet takes the stage for a live sneak-peak presentation of their upcoming performance of  “Peter Pan”.  Bring the entire family!



A student artwork display will be included in the venue area for the Emerging Artists, Student Encore Exhibit.



__      __________________________________________________________________________________________

Other live performances by the Whitefield Academy Jazz Band will be held Saturday, August 27 from 5 to 7 PM.



Bring the kids for a live book reading by the accomplished author, Joanne Telcide-Bryant.  Joanne is an author and publisher of children’s books.  Her credentials include teaching certifications in Georgia, Florida, New York, and California.  She specializes in Special Education, Speech-Language Pathology, and Communication Disorders.

Join us on Saturday, Sept 10th at 11 A.M. for a presentation that will include a reading from her book,  ” No I Am Not! Says Kenny the Koala” illustrated by James Telcide.  There will also be a drawing of the main character and a short storybook lesson activity that will engage children from ages kindergarten thru 2nd grade.

Pre-registration is requested



A Gift Shop will feature additional opportunities to purchase art from the juried artists as well as some local fine artists and crafters not included in the main juried exhibit.

Art classes:

All classes are free but pre-registration is required no later than August 20th.  Classes are limited so sign up now.

Instructed by Marcia Dietz, “Watercolor Wonders” will be a fun and interactive painting class for kids and adults ages 10 and up.  You will be painting “Bumble Bee and Cosmos in the Sun” and a bonus “Abstract Seascape”.

Marcia’s classes will be held on September 11th from 1-4 PM and on September 17th from 1:30 to 4:30 PM

See more of Marcia’s art at


Additionally, attend our beginner crocheting class instructed by Rose Mason of  “Rose of Yarn”.  In this interactive class, you will learn the basics of crochet and leave with a completed project that you have made.   See more “Rose of Yarn” items on her Instagram page here.

Rose will be holding her class on Sunday, August 28 from 1-3 PM



Open to the public on weekends.
Hours: Fri & Sat 11A-6P, Sun 12P-6P, Labor Day open 11A-5P.

  • Art at the Avenue
    August 27, 2022 - September 17, 2022
    11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


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Venue Phone: (678) 594-6738

3625 Dallas Highway, Suite 380, Marietta, Georgia, 30064, United States