About SCAA

The South Cobb Arts Alliance is an integral part Cobb County’s south side community and is one of the leading forces in the area’s arts and culture. Since 1972, SCAA has presented the South Cobb neighborhoods with hallmark events that celebrate the Arts, the majority of which are free or discounted to the participants and attendees. Through our efforts, we have opened doors to those in our community who might otherwise not partake in the Arts.

This community arts and culture endeavor is made possible through the partnership of the South Cobb Arts Alliance with Cobb P.A.R.K.S., Cobb County Board of Commissioners, area businesses and local volunteers. Together, we work towards the common goal of recognizing and supporting the area’s cultural arts, as well as preserving our cultural heritage.

South Cobb Arts Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, therefore, membership dues and donations are tax-deductible. Become part of our active, energetic, and diverse group of volunteers and supporters TODAY!

Our Mission

The mission of the South Cobb Arts Alliance is to build our community by encouraging appreciation and active participation in the visual arts, performing arts and local heritage.

We will strive to advance to high levels the artistic standards of our members, our community and the general public by offering opportunities to extend experiences, to increase skills, and to share understanding, philosophy, techniques and knowledge.

Executive Board

SCAA’s Executive Board is elected annually at our June General Membership Meeting. The 2017/2018 Executive Board members are as follows:

President – Sandra Miller
1st V.P. – Bart Crowe
2nd V.P. – Minette Kirkman
Treasurer – Robert Plonk
Recording Secretary – Sandy Smith

Exhibition/Artist Dev Dir – Amanda Foss
Director at Large – Miles Davis
Director at Large – Dyneice King
Director at Large – Imari Curtis
Director at Large – Richard Block

Our Achievements

South Cobb Arts Alliance has achieved numerous milestones since its inception in 1972. SCAA has produced hallmark events which celebrate the arts. Amongst its many achievements, in 2009, the Cobb Arts Board and Friends of the Arts recognized individuals and ensembles that made significant contributions to the arts in Cobb County. SCAA won for Outstanding Ensemble/Arts Organization.

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